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Get Your Car in Shape for Summer!

Hey do-it-yourselfers, summer is here! As you prepare your vehicle for all those weekend road trips, make sure to safely dispose of any leftover automotive fluids.

Used motor oil can be taken to one of over 50 free collection centers in Santa Barbara County - locations such as auto parts stores, quick lubes, and even dealerships. Visit our Oil Recycling Page to locate a center near you.


And don't forget your oil filters! Many of the oil collection centers will also take your filter and recycle it along with the oil. Find the nearest center on our Oil Filter Recycling Page.

For other auto wastes like antifreeze, transmission fluid, or old gasoline, stop by a special hazardous waste collection center or one-day collection event. Locations are listed on our Hazardous Waste Page. Thanks for recycling, Santa Barbara County!