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Come Out for Coastal Cleanup Day!

Coastal Cleanup Day, Sept. 17th from 9 until Noon, is the biggest volunteer cleanup event in Santa Barbara County and the world! Join your neighbors at one of our over 25 sites and help protect our coast, creeks and lakes!


How big is the event? Last year, 1267 volunteers cleaned nearly 5110 pounds of debris from 28 Santa Barbara County beaches and creeks! Volunteers also saved over 500 bags by bringing their own buckets or reusing bags! Bringing buckets and reusable gloves, such as gardening gloves, is also encouraged to help make this the cleanest greenest Coastal Cleanup Day yet.

Visit to see where we are cleaning and register at your favorite site. Also, be a pal and friend us on facebook at

Our everyday actions impact the health and well-being of our oceans, waterways, and the animals that live in those environments. Coastal Cleanup Day demonstrates that people who care can have a positive impact on their environment.

Coastal Cleanup Day is more than that that. Volunteers also collect data about what items of trash are getting washed up on our beaches and in our creeks. This information is used by the Ocean Conservancy, local governments and local non-profits to aid with legislation protecting our coast and waterways. Your cleanup protects our water today and in the future

So Come out!

Visit, choose your favorite site, register and clean up! Tell all your friends on facebook at