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What to get the composter in your life?

By Jeff Simeon Nov 19, 2011 - Yard Waste Discuss 2 comments
Composting Bins make great gifts!

As the Holidays and Black Friday approach, you may be wondering what can you get for the composter in your life? Lucky for you the County has our great $40 discounted Earth Machine composting bins in stock.

And one more thing. We have a limited supply of $25 compost aerators too!

We just got a shipment of "fresh" Earth Machine composting bins in on Monday, and we decided to get our hands on some compost aerators too. While a stick, broomhandle or garden hoe works well for aerating your compost, some people prefer to use specially designed compost aerators.

What's an Aerator?

An aerator is essentially a pole with two collapsable wings on it. The wings fold down when you push the aerator into your compost pile and then they unfold to grab the material when you pull it out. This helps you to fluff up your compost pile and make sure all your composting microbes are breathing oxegen easily.

Where are the Aerators?

You can get our aerators at the South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station in Santa Barbara. We currently don't have any plans to send them to our North County location. You can still get the composting bins at our North County office.

Will you order more Aerators?

That depends on you. If we sell out quickly and you guys really seem to like them, we'll get more. Let us know in the comments if you get one or if you want one and couldn't get it.

Where can I learn more about composting?

Our site is stuffed with good information. Check out the "Related Materials" links in the side bar for more pages. Of course, the best place to start is our Home Composting page.


May 07, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
Joan Halpin
What is the cost of an aerator and will you be bringing any to your compost workshop in SM that I will be attending May 12,2012? Also, do you have any blue recycle containers? Thank you.
Nov 03, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
Where can I purchase a compost bin in or near Goleta? Thanks

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