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This site is the ultimate waste reduction resource for residents of Santa Barbara County. Knowing what to reduce, reuse and recycle can be tough. What goes where and why? For a quick answer, watch our video. You can also use our search tool to look up a particular item that you're not sure what to do with. Or peruse the tabs above to learn more about hazardous waste, electronics recycling, home composting and much more.

All Materials

Aerosol Cans (with contents)

Agricultural Oil

Agricultural Plastic Recycling

Agricultural Waste Recycling

Aluminum Scrap Recycling


Art and Craft Supplies Reuse

Asbestos (Friable)

Asbestos (Non-Friable)

Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos Testing

Aseptic Packaging Recycling

Ash from Wildfires

Asphalt Recycling

Athletic Shoe Recycling

Audio Visual Equipment Reuse

Audio-Visual Equipment Recycling

Automotive Batteries

Automotive Fluids

Bag Reuse


Batteries Explained

Benefits of Composting

Bicycle Recycling

Bicycle Reuse

Biohazard Waste

Book Reuse

Brass and Bronze Recycling

Bricks Recycling

Broken Fluorescent Light Clean-Up

Bulky Item Pick-Ups

Business Electronics Recycling

Business Electronics Reuse

Business Food Scraps Collection

Business Hazardous Waste

California Refund Value (CRV) Beverage Container Recycling

Cardboard Recycling

Carpet Recycling

Cast Iron Recycling

Cell Phones/Smart Phones Recycling

Cell Phones/Smart Phones Reuse

Ceramics Reuse

CFLs - Compact Fluorescent Lights

Children Accessories Recycling

Children's Accessories Reuse

Christmas Tree Recycling

Cleaning Products

Clothing and Accessories Reuse

Clothing Recycling

Coastal Clean-Up Day

Composting Workshops

Computer and Monitor Reuse

Computer Repair

Computers & Peripherals Recycling

Computers & Peripherals Reuse

Concrete Recycling

Construction Waste Recycling

Container and Wrapper Recycling

Cooking Oil Recycling

Copper Recycling

County Waste Facilities

Crayon Recycling

Cuyama Valley Collection Event

Dental Equipment Reuse

Dental Material Recycling

Dirt/Soil Recycling

Discount Compost Bins

Document Shredding

Drywall Recycling

DVD and CD Recycling

DVD and CD Reuse

Electronics FAQs

Electronics Regulation

Electronics Repair

Electronics Reuse

Electronics Take Back Programs

Eyeglasses Reuse

Fire Extinguishers

Fishing Line Recycling

Flooring Recycling

Fluorescent Light Tubes

Foam Packaging Recycling

Food Donation

Food Donations

Food Expiration Guidelines

Food Forward

Food Waste Prevention

Furniture Reuse

Glass Container Recycling

Glass Trash

Government Contacts

Gravel Recycling

Green Business Program

Green Franchises

Hair Donation

Hazardous Waste Haulers

Hazardous Waste Regulation

Hearing Aids Reuse

Holiday Lights Recycling

Holiday Lights Reuse

Home Composting

Home Improvement Items/Supplies Reuse

Household Goods Reuse

Illegal Dumping

Jewelry Reuse

Junk Mail Recycling

Laptop Computers Recycling

Laptop Computers Reuse

Large Appliances Recycling

Large Appliances Reuse

Latex-Based Paint

Lead Paint Disposal

Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Testing

LED Lights

Magazine and Catalogs Reuse

Magazines, Catalogs and Phone Books Recycling

Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program

Manure Recycling Program

Masonry Recycling

Mattress Recycling

Medical Equipment Reuse


Mercury Containing Devices

Metal Cans Recycling

Metals (other than cans) Recycling

Mold Removal

Mold Testing

Motor Oil

Motor Oil Filters

Mulch Program

Musical Instruments Reuse

Newspaper Recycling

Newspapers Reuse

Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Office Equipment Recycling

Office Equipment Reuse

Oil-Based Paint

Outreach Materials

Packaging Materials Reuse

Pallets Reuse

Paper Recycling

Paper Trash

Paperback Books Recycling

Paperboard Recycling

Personal Hygiene Products Reuse

Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers

Phone Books Opt-Out


Photographic Film

Plastic Bags Recycling

Plastic Beverage Container Recycling

Plastic Trash

Plastics #1 and #2 Recycling

Plastics #3 - #7 Recycling (no Styrofoam)

Plastics Recycling

Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Packaging Recycling

Pool Supplies

Portable Electronics Recycling

Portable Electronics Reuse

Printer Cartridges

Product Stewardship

Project Goals

Propane Tank Exchange

Propane Tank Recycling

Propane Tank Reuse

Razor Handles Recycling (Preserve brand only)

Rechargeable Batteries

Recycle at Home

Recycle at Multi-Family Complexes

Recycle at School

Recycle at Work

Recycled Content Products

Recycling Containers

Recycling FAQs

Recycling Resource Guide

Reduce Electronic Waste

Resource Recovery Project

Retail Compost Bins

Reusable Party Packs

Reuse Tips

RMDZ Program

Roofing Materials Recycling

Sand Recycling

Santa Ynez Valley Collection Event

School Supplies Reuse

Scientific Equipment Reuse


Shoe Recycling

Shoe Reuse

Single Use Plastic Bag Ban

Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance Text

Small Appliances Recycling

Small Appliances Reuse

Smoke Detectors

Solvents and Adhesives

South Coast Transfer Station Tours

Sporting Goods Reuse

Stains and Finishes

Steel Recycling

Stone Recycling

Stop Junk Mail

Tajiguas Account

Tajiguas Landfill Tours

Tapes Recycling (Audio and Video)

Tapes Reuse (Audio and Video)

Teacher Resources

Telephone Recycling

Telephone Reuse

Tennis Ball Reuse

Terra Cycle Container & Wrapper Recycling

Tiles Recycling (Flooring)

Tiles Recycling (Roofing)

Tiles Reuse (Ceiling)

Tiles Reuse (Flooring)

Tin Recycling

Tips to Reduce Waste

Tires Recycling


Toothbrushes (from Preserve)

Toxic Waste

Toy Reuse

Treated Wood

Trophies and Awards Reuse

TV & Computer Monitors Reuse

TVs and Computer Monitors Recycling

Untreated Wood & Pallets Recycling

Untreated Wood & Pallets Reuse

Vacuums Recycling

Vacuums Reuse

Vehicles and Automotive Parts Recycling

Vehicles and Vehicular Parts Reuse


Video Game Recycling

Video Game Reuse

Vinyl Records Recycling

Vinyl Records Reuse

Waste Hauler Contacts

Water Filters Recycling (Brita brand only)

What Can I Recycle?

What Happens to Trash?

White Paper and Computer Paper Recycling

Why Recycle?

Window Glass Recycling

Window Glass Reuse

Wine Cork Recycling

Wine Corks Reuse

X-Ray Film

Yard Waste Recycling

Yard Waste Reduction

Zero Waste Events