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Trash : Landfill Bound

Unfortunately there are still materials we can't avoid throwing away.

This section contains information about what items are trash, why they are trash, and what happens to trash in Santa Barbara County.

Unfortunately, all glass was not created equal. The glass containers found in our recycling section are roughly standardized; even if they come in different colors, recyclers know how to handle them. The same cannot be said of other items made out of glass.

Here is the main reason, different types of glass objects were created with different coatings or addatives. Here are two examples. The colors in art glass are added by metals, the more interesting the color, the more likely it has something that is not recyclable in it. The reason a car window breaks differently than a glass bottle in a bar fight is because of coatings and special treatment, which make recycling different than that glass bottle.

What materials are we talking about?

  • Drinking glasses
  • Car window glass
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • Art glass and Sculptures

Check out the related materials if you have other types of glass that can be recycled!

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