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Blue Bin Recycling

Place items in this section into your commingled recycling container if you have recycling service at your home, business, apartment or school.

You may also recycle at locations listed in this section.

What Can I Recycle?

In a nutshell, paper, plastic, glass and metal. Recycling is easy when you know what goes where. Click the lists below for some common items that can go in your recycling bin. Or for those more visually inclined, download our recycling poster here.

Also check out our Recycling FAQs and the Recycling Worst Offenders List, a list of unrecyclable materials that confuse lots of people.


These items are not recyclable in your blue bin, even though many people think they are. Our site lists innovative ways to recycle, reduce and reuse many of them, but please do not put these in your recycling container.

What is in the Recycle Section?

Below is a complete list of items in this section. Use the links below or find them with search bar.

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